Improvisation Theater

Felix Metzger
Experiential Workshop
Improvisation Theater


  • Open up & let go
  • Leave behind your concerns & worries
  • Explore yourself & boost your
  • Learn to empathize & cocreate
  • Take initiative

Let us learn to open up, to explore and to express ourselves, to collaborate and to develop our empathy. 

For two hours a week we do exercises for the body, voice, storytelling, imagination, we shape characters, we explore and develop our acting skills and make up scenes from scratch, which happen in different kinds of game formats that will help us improvise. In June 2023, at the end of the of the cycle of sessions, the participants can present a performance to the audience if they wish.

In Improvisation Theater, as with other play-based activities, we are given the opportunity to explore and liberate ourselves. By expressing freely the impulses which come from inside, we manage to skip the analytical mind, we become more authentic, spontaneous and we bring ourselves closer to our feelings and our true nature. We discover new parts of ourselves – those which we normally don’t dare to act out – and we give space to new experiences.

Practising Improvisation Theatre is helping us in our everyday life. Due to the expression and the feedback we get from our scene partners, we can understand and evaluate better our actions and their consequences. And of course we learn to apply improvisational skills, which are very valuable especially in these uncertain times we are living in. 

In order to be able to play an improvised scene we have two paths, either we go with our usual patterns of behavior or we put ourselves in the place of another person or “being” and we see how we act in this case. The other actors become our mirrors as we are all called upon to accept all “offers” on stage and to find a way to function harmoniously within it. We are called to give our consent and as we typically say in Improv, we say “yes and” to each other to move the scene forward!

The results of this process are the highest degree of awareness through self-exploration combined with our mirroring and caring-empowered self-confidence. We express and expose to the team and on stage our discoveries about ourselves, we bring to light other aspects of ourselves and we feel more complete and alive.

We will boost our self-confidence, overcome feelings of shame and hesitation and have loads of fun! You don’t need to have any experiences before joining us, we all know to play and improvise, we just need to dare!
If you feel like you are stuck in unhealthy patterns of behavior, doing Improv Theatre will help you overcome them! Or even if you feel like playing like crazy, give your inner child the opportunity to play again and rise back to the surface in your life.



Σύμφωνα με το Παγκόσμιο Ινστιτούτο Ευεξίας  και το μοντέλο ευεξίας που περιλαμβάνει έξι διαστάσεις, το συγκεκριμένο σεμινάριο αξιολογείται με τις παρακάτω τιμές σε κάθε διάσταση.

  • Σωματική: 3
  • Διανοητική: 3
  • Συναισθηματική: 5
  • Πνευματική: 1
  • Κοινωνική: 5
  • Περιβαλλοντική: 1

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