The workshops of Personal Development of The Beehive Community cover a wide spectrum of topics with common characteristics of facilitation. They are interactive and contain a lot of exercises borrowed from the arts, mainly theater and dance. We make sure they are fun and activate the emotions so as to increase creativity and learning abilities. In any of our events, we apply the Culture of Care. We create the conditions to develop a sense of community and belonging to a place where people with a common ground come into contact, get to know each other and be able to act in groups.

We call everyone who wants to
explore and to evolve themselves personally and socially!
We offer experience, knowledge, practises, space and time for this purpose.
We open a beehive for each one where s/he can find like-minded people with common concerns and dreams.
In difficult social times we believe in the εν τη ενώσει and we invite you to unite and to better mental and social life!
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