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Level-up Your Skills with ALF Hands-On!

We are pleased to invite you to the free online training that we will coordinate in collaboration with the Anna Lindh Foundation and the ALF Hands-On program!
 16 Participants will receive free knowledge and training, and be able to network with Mediterranean civil society and SSE organizations.

Are you ready for a transformative peer-to-peer online education experience?

Together, we will explore the wonderful transformative world of the Social & Solidarity Economy (S.S.E), through Module 8.
 The workshop is an excellent opportunity to deepen into the principles and practices of the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) and gain valuable knowledge and experiences.

The free training will be in English and will take place in October-November 2024

To register (deadline until 30th of July)

➡️ visit this link
➡️  when filling out the form, select topic module 8: Exploring Diverse Practices? Digital Training on Social and Solidarity Economy (in English)

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Get practical insights into building sustainable SSE initiatives

  • Learn about the SSE ecosystem, legal forms, values, opportunities and  struggles that SSE organisations face

  • Improve your facilitation, collaboration and advocacy skills within the framework of SSE

  • Connect with other stakeholders and industry experts in the Mediterranean

  • Gain practical tools and strategies to help create resilient and sustainable SSE initiatives.

We will see what SSE can offer us on an individual and collective level, but also how it can contribute to the positive social change that we and the next generations of people want to experience.

It will help us a lot if you spread the message to civil society professionals (Associations, Cooperatives, NGO’s, Grassroot groups and movements), who could benefit from the opportunity.

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