Yiteg erasmus+


Youth Impacting Transformative Economies Through Game-design

What Yiteg is?

Yiteg is an Erasmus+ program where through game-design it introduces, educates and train young people in Transformational Economies! See below a few words about the main aspects of the programme.


Erasmus+ is the EU's programme to support education, training, youth and sport in Europe. Supports the European Pillar of Social Rights. Implements the EU Youth Strategy 2019-2027.


Game design is the process of creating a game focussing in the future experience of the players (when they will play to the game). The process can be used like a educative and transformative tool.

Transforamtive Economies


Transformative Economies are theoretical and practical proposals for socioeconomic reorganization, which introduce a critique of the dominant economic model and formulate proposals for change by placing people, communities and the environment –life– instead of capital at the center of all processes.

Who we are?

Yiteg is therefore organized by 6 teams from 4 European countries belonging to TEs and the Jean Monnet University of Social Sciences of Saint Ettien, France. The leading group is the Spanish Nexes dealing with non-formal education, and the rest we are the also Spanish Idealudica (Barcelona) which designs games, the France-based Rippes which mainly deals with TEs worldwide, the Italian Ninfea and the French Kaleido’ scop which are mainly about non formal educational and us the Beehive Community, based in Greece, who promotes self-improvement for social change.

Your role

You will belong to a group of 5 young people who will be created to design together the board game that while playing it the players will experience what the Transformational Economies mean. It is a long-term learning process of participatory co-creation with TEs methods. Basic principles are cooperation, solidarity and care. Young people from 18 to 30+ can take part.

What to expect

Guidance/training: Through non-formal training methods
Meetings: You will have the opportunity to meet all the people in the life groups on trips and from online meetings.
Travel: An international training course will be delivered in Italy on game design as a tool for social transformation, enhancing young participants’ capacities in the game-based learning methodology in the context of non-formal education.
Confirmation: The implementation process and the way of cooperation will be evaluated at the interim meeting in Saint-Etienne, where the next steps are planned with a focus on game creation.
Fulfillment: The result is a quality, useful board game with a physical and online version to be used in real learning environments. It will be a creative process that fosters the development of game design skills among the youth and participating partners.

The YITEG Map: We are very proud and happy to finally present the YITEG interactive map with initiatives selected by local groups. Browse the map and travel from Spain, to Greece, from Greece to France and Italy to discover projects belonging into the ecosystem of Transformative Economy. Discover the YITEG map HERE!


When and how long?

The process of creating the Athenian team has already started since May 2023 and will continue in June with the aim of having the team completed by the summer. The end of the program will be Winter – Spring of 2025. Meetings will be held approximately every two months.

Δήλωση συμμετοχής

Σε περιμένουμε κοντά μας να σε καθοδηγήσουμε σε ένα πανέμορφο ταξίδι δημιουργίας, γνώσης και πολύτιμων γνωριμιών!

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