As in every beehive of bees so to The Beehive Community we are making the honey together. This is the way we like to imagine ourselves and we act this way: in a tream, cooperative, with games, joy and care (Culture of Care).


In our hive take part seminars, workshops , retreats that provides this way of life, improving the

wellness. Retreats are a holistic approach that combines all the methods and techniques of seminars. The seminars deepen in what each one needs.


With your participation, this way of life is established within each of us. So little by little it becomes collective and able to create positive changes in the social environment we live in!

So come to our community! We put the way and you put the spirit!


As a person

Through our workshops, you are given the opportunity to get to know yourself better, to improve and to empower.
With the stimuli, information and "challenges" you receive, you broaden your horizon. Through interaction with the team you learn to unlearn. You learn to leave behind old habits that kept you away from your real self and to bring new ones more useful for your present and future.
You gain special knowledge in matters that concern you, through the group in an entertaining way. You become the carrier of the change that you want to see in the world.

The Community

A fundamental element of social change is the change that occurs at the personal level to pass into the collective means of group coexistence. For the participants of our workshops - who can become members of our community - we organize pleasant meetings in order to meet, exchange views and connect. Sharing takes place, bonds are created, we realize the similarities and at the same time our uniqueness. Through group connection it is realized by the members how much direct impact our every action and behavior has on the society as a whole and on ourselves. Being members of the team, realizing the value of healthy collective interaction, creates the need for healthy coexistence and the spread of this way of life. This in itself is part of social change.

The Art of Communication Retreat

Effective Communication embraces Improvisation Theatre

We invite you for a weekend at the eco-educational center Calme Garden in Lagonisi, to recognize our communication difficulties, the obstacles and to start together the journey of a positive reset of our communication. Together we will learn how to improve our communication skills, we will share, play, connect and we will enjoy the always bright sun and the Mediterranean sea of Attica.

Next webinar for English speakers: soon to be announced

For those who have recognized the need to improve their relationship. Actively listening to our partner, children, friends, partners or clients will help us understand their needs, communicate effectively and be able to work with empathy and respect to better communicate our needs.

Authentic Connection is dedicated to the connection and bonding with each other in a playful and deep way. It is combining the theory and practice of Positive Psychology with elements of Improvisation Theatre and Dance. You will learn how to make steps to know yourself and the people around you better, see how you can improve your relationships and cooperate in a nice flow. Consequently you can be more authentic and enjoy your everyday life.

For a child peaceful, happy, social, creative, satisfied, cooperative, kind and active, at every developmental stage of his life. A child who loves learning, the way he loves traveling, or otherwise the adventure of life. A child who accepts himself, just as he is, and experiences it with joy, through the process of fulfilling his own potential and the creative enjoyment of his own talents.

In Improvisation Theatre we learn to open up, explore and express ourselves, to cooperate and to empathize. We are becoming more self-confident because we perform in front of others, overcoming shyness and hesitation and we have loads of fun!
Every Thursday we have a session of two hours with exercises for body, voice, story telling, imagination, character forming, and performative skills that lead into acting scenes without a script/made up from scratch. After the whole cycle of 10 sessions the participants may perform an improvised play in front of an (οnline) audience if they choose to.
Practical Application of the Active Listening process in everyday school scenarios.
Listening actively to students, co-workers and students’ parents will help us connect deeply with them. We understand their needs and feelings, so we are able to work with empathy and respect in order to communicate more effectively. Through better communication we get joy, we enjoy our work more, we stimulate the student’s interest, we persuade and gain the respect of the school community.
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