Circle of Pregnancy

Irini Manoloudi

Midwife, Prenatal and Perinatal Education

Seminar and
Experiential Workshop
Circle of Pregnancy
  • Holistic Preparation
    for Pregnancy
    and Childbirth.

  • Connection - support
    from the group

The pregnancy cycle concerns all pregnant women as well as their partners and their close supportive environment.

The meetings are weekly and have a theoretical and practical part to prepare Body, Soul & Mind! We will give special weight to your relationship with your baby, to your relationship with yourself but also to your role as a Mother!

In these meetings you will discover that you are not alone! You will meet & connect with other pregnant women like you! You will share your worries with them & the midwife. She will give you everything you need to walk this unique path of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood with confidence, knowledge & empathy!

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